When super-fit businesswoman Corinne Hutton fell ill at age 43 in June 2013 after suffering acute pneumonia and septicemia, surgeons were forced to amputate both her hands and her legs below the knee. Following her near-fatal illness, single mum Corinne made remarkably swift progress, defying the odds and the doctors, walking unaided on prosthetic legs within four months. With her enormously charming, confident and charismatic persona, Corinne now devotes her life to supporting others who face limb loss, by encouraging, mentoring, speaking, motivating and inspiring.

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Cor's new book

Fighting for my life and losing my limbs wasn’t really in my plans for the future, strangely enough! So, when it happened, I had to find the will to live, the motivation to learn everything again and the strength to carve out a life for myself, when it seemed impossible. Giving up would have been far easier and was an option I frequently considered.

Finding Your Feet looks back at the hurdles and trials I faced, the people and characters that gave me the tools to fight and tells my story in their words. Sometimes traumatic, sometimes emotional but never without the therapy of a big smile and some banter, I now know that, with a bit of effort, you really CAN do anything. There’s NO magic wand.

“Corinne’s experience and attitude is truly inspiring and I am sure that this book will be of great support to others.” Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland.

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