Rhona Galbraith, ER Network

Corinne was a guest speaker at my company’s 10th Anniversary seminar. She was absolutely fantastic. The words “I can’t” are definitely not part of Corinne’s vocabulary. She will leave you feeling totally inspired and ready to take on anything. She is a truly inspirational woman. We have had many speakers over the years and Corinne was by far the best we’ve had and the only one to ever get a standing ovation. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Elaine Park, Head Teacher, Lochwinnoch Primary School

Corinne came to visit us in Lochwinnoch Primary School on a number of occasions, and she inspired our children in so many ways on each and every occasion. She came to school to address a school assembly and spoke of the importance of setting goals and of maintaining a 'can do' attitude. Her sheer determination to complete this rousing and inspirational school address whilst standing, and her refusal to allow herself to rely on her wheelchair, was the embodiment of her own personal drive and inspired our children to overcome any of their own obstacles and 'stand' alongside her during our fundraising. She was, as she has been on each occasion, positive, emotive, professional and above all passionate about what she does, and also about the capacity we all have to help our fellow human beings in difficult times.